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    5 Day Drop Pack


    Prep your body for a transformation with this 4-piece kit designed to help optimize nutrient intake from the healthy foods and beverages you consume. The 5 Day Drop Pack is the perfect prelude to our bestselling Lean Body System.*


    5 Day Drop Pack – Phytogreens + Pure Collection


    Our transformative 5 Day Drop Pack is upgraded with multi-patented Liquid BioCell® Pure in this deceptively simple yet powerful combination to help prepare, rejuvenate and propel you toward your wellness goals.

  • Modere C0Q10 dietary supplement



    Our bodies produce coenzyme Q10 naturally, but production slows with age. Formulated with Cardiol® proprietary blend, Modere CoQ10 delivers bioavailable CoQ10 to support cellular energy.*

  • modere endurance



    Prized by traditional Chinese herbalists, the rare cordyceps mushroom supports physical endurance. This formula adds adaptogenic rhodiola to further support mind and body.*

  • modere focus plus

    Focus Plus


    Our new and improved formula contains powerful herbs like gotu kola to help you focus better for longer.* The ingredients work in sync to support memory, clarity and concentration – without a caffeine crash.*

  • modere immune health

    Immune Health – 60CT


    Naturally derived herbs that include echinacea, thyme and hawthorn berry for antioxidant capacity and circulatory support to help bolster your body’s natural immune defenses.*

  • chocolate lean body system

    Lean Body System – Chocolate


    Accelerates fat reduction, improves muscle tone and promotes lean body composition*

  • lean body system chocolate + pure

    Lean Body System Chocolate + Pure


    Help reach your body transformation goals and promote healthy joints and skin with the Lean Body System and award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology in Liquid BioCell® Pure.*

  • modere omega-3

    Omega 3 – 60CT


    Our Omega 3 is made with quality fish oil derived from anchovy, mackerel, clupeidae, and tilapia. Every serving works to support circulatory health, cognitive performance and normal, healthy triglyceride levels.*

  • modere revitalize support

    Revitalize – 30 count


    Transform ordinary water with supercharged minerals
    Support metabolism, enhance energy and hydrate with a powerful blend of 70+ trace minerals*

  • modre vigor



    Vigor by Modere contains an extract of the root of Fo-Ti, an herb used by traditional Chinese herbalists as a key ingredient in anti-aging tonics.

  • modere vital supports heart health supplement



    A potent blend of resveratrol, lycopene and olive pulp for full body antioxidant protection.