Lean Body System – Chocolate


Accelerates fat reduction, improves muscle tone and promotes lean body composition*



Our Lean Body System is an exclusive collection of scientifically designed products—Trim, Burn and Activate—to help you burn fat, lose inches and promote lean body composition.*

Trim features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two leading technologies to accelerate fat reduction, improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin for a sculpted, lean body—CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology. Not only does CLA support fat-burning metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells, inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat cell size and reducing fat cell formation.*


    Supports fat metabolism*
    Inhibits cellular fat storage*
    Supports a reduction in fat cells*
    Improves muscle tone*
    Restores youthful-looking skin*
    Supports joint, muscle fitness and connective tissue health*
    Supports healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*


    Formulated with scientifically studied CLA and multi-patented, award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology
    Zero sugar
    Decadent chocolate flavor


    Boosts metabolism*
    Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels to reduce unwanted cravings*
    Increases energy*
    Burns more calories*


    Thermogenic formula
    Mediterranean-inspired ingredients
    Features plant-derived fucoxanthin—3 times more than leading brands—plus berberine and chromium
    Contains natural caffeine, coffee bean and green tea extracts


    Naturally eliminates toxins*
    Rejuvenates cellular health*
    Ignites digestive energy*
    Complements a fat loss regimen
    Makes you feel energized*
    Kick-starts a lifestyle regimen with monthly rejuvenation


    Monthly 3-day detox program
    Designed to be used with usual meals
    Formulated with third party-certified organic aloe vera
    Includes natural apple pectin, psyllium seed husk and dandelion leaf
    Convenient, single-serve stick packs
    Great tasting, sugar free, vegan and non GMO

no animal testing NO ANIMAL TESTING
clean label formulaCLEAN LABEL FORMULA

†Modere independent representative. Results not typical. The average person can experience a more sculpted, leaner body due to fat reduction which may or may not translate to weight loss depending on a variety of factors including the amount of exercise and motivation to stick to a reduced-calorie diet.