Taji 100 race

I’m So Excited

100 miles in 28 days

February 1st we will begin our annual 100 mile run / walk challenge, Feb 1st – Feb 28th! This is such a great post-New Years tradition. Here we are, knowing the challenge, but ready, but are we? First, let me begin by saying I’d be considered a novice runner at best. Years ago I ran for fitness but I can confidently say that I have not gone running now in many months …. so, we will start off at a mellow pace and see how it goes. We register and donate, proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project, please check details at taji100.com. We log miles daily into their portal, it keeps us accountable and excited. It’s really just a self-challenge. This is not a competition – trust me, LOL, there are people that kick this off at midnight 2/1 and complete the 100 miles day 1 or day 2, there are dozens of major runners, to me it’s inspiring and gets us out there ran or shine.

Taji 100 race

One year, determined as always, I was working long days at the restaurant, so the only time to run was 11pm on several days.. we would do it, out there 5 miles and sometimes in pouring rain! Exhilarating and something I’d NEVER do outside of February. Will add onto this later, but highly recommend checking this out. This year they are offering options of biking 300 miles and swimming as well too. As challenging as I know this will be, I just can’t wait, I’m so excited, hahaha…. It all seems fine as long as you run daily, somewhere over 3.5 miles each and every day, but miss a few days and now it’s catch up time. Please follow me on Instagram at @kathyyoga, let’s route each other on, I’d love to support your wellness and fitness journey!

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