liquid Biocell life chews 28 count

“On the Go” Biocell Chews

The best way to describe these little goodies are as a “healthy version” Starburst candy! Two chews are equivalent to 1T of the Biocell liquid collagen matrix. These are great for travel, I also keep them on my desk and on the kitchen counter and enjoy one here and there as a little treat. If you have a weekend away, these are a great option, they taste good, or there are also the “Pure” singles if you like that route. Personally I go in either direction. One thing for certain is staying on track while on vacation will keep the skin hydrated and keep you on your wellness journey.

Last December I ran out of my singles, chews, etc and after a few days my skin was extremely dry and I realized it was the Biocell that was missing. Plenty in one package for just $35, use my link on this website to receive $10 off as well, (promo code 7960263) and receive my free gift with purchase too! Thank you for being here, it means the world to me. xo

modere liquid bio cell life chews 4 pack
Biocell Chews

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