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Why Drinking Water is So Important!

The rule is typically ½ the body weight in water a day (in ounces) as a minimum mark of how much water we should take in, hydrate and hydrate more. I’m here to insist we need more than just water and this alone can possibly provide more energy and nutrients than our standard water alone.

My very favorite is the Modere Reviatlize, 1-2 of these day, suits me perfect!  Non caffeinated, delicious flavor, our whole family loves these, tastes like a healthy kool-aid punch.  They are full of essential and trace minerals, along with shilajit (more on this in a moment).  “Essential minerals” are just that, necessary and much of this we lose throughout the day whether through breath, with workouts or pee.

Replenishing these  minerals in a tasty beverage is such an easy way to supplement, they taste so good that I never forget to take them.  About shilajet, let me link a great article here, the more I’ve learned about shilajet the more excited I am to have this part of my daily regimen.

Supplementing is great with the right products, entrusting what we ingest with much research, pure ingredients, integrity, science backed are also super important to me.  Just as so much has changed with processed foods over the years, our whole food nutrition has changed over The past 50 years, the soil is less rich which equates to less minerals and this is a great way to make sure while eating the best of healthy whole foods may not be enough, adding in a simple delicious drink helps and I’m all in.  If you’d like to give it a try, use my code here for $10 off and that same link also provides more detailed information on revitalize.  

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