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The Lean Body System

What is it? Just three products – a simply system to give your body a jump start, lose inches, seriously shift body composition and lose unwanted fat in those “trouble spots”. 

The first thing to do is place your order – so often we over-think and by the time we place the order, we want and need it yesterday, SO, if this seems like something to try, prevent that and order right away, you’ll have a choice of several flavors of “Trim” the pudding on a spoon, all are great, my favorites are lemon and chocolate, however, truly I love them all, other options are coconut-lime, vanilla, mango and sometimes a seasonal flavor (November, for example, blackberry was available); Make sure to use my link on this site for an additional $10 off and then keep your eyes open for a welcome sampler pack from me!!

modere lean body system collection

Back to the system – a simple insert will be included with your fat blasting kit; It will get you oriented and ask for you to commit to a couple of things, no, not sweaty workouts or running a marathon, you will be given a choice on a few things to give up for 30 days, take measurements, waist, thigh, arms, even ankles, I insist, quickly take the measurements and then tuck it away for a few weeks, revisit – remeasure, sometimes the scale will move slightly but there will be loss throughout, it’s important not to get attached to the scale as the shift in body composition will be what makes a difference health-wise. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends that are now down 38 pounds, 22 pounds, so many examples, but in the beginning trust the process and don’t cling to the scale. 

In a briefest of nutshells, the first product to use will be the “activate”, (nights one through three), a quick drink before bedtime, to help with a mild detox. DO NOT mix with warm or hot water, mix with regular cool water, stir quickly and drink promptly, looks like green lake water, tastes like lemonade! The Activate can be done anytime throughout the 30 days, but I like to do it as soon as possible as a reset. Morning 1 – “Burn” tablets, these are great for helping to curb appetite, speed up the metabolism as a sort of warming or thermogenic, and does provide energy. I recommend not having Burn tablets in the afternoon if you are sensitive to caffeine. Possibly have with breakfast and lunch to begin, 2 tablets and go from there. Also morning 1 – you get to begin your “spoonful” of Trim, this might just be the highlight of each and everyday around here, LOL, it’s simple 1T each morning. This has both the patented matrix including the collagen and also the active ingredient of CLA, this is been brought down to the molecular level so it works!! Feel free to message me any questions, but again, deliveries take a few days, so make sure to order asap.

email – my promo code is 7960263

The benefits of CLA
kelly weight loss progression
Kelly was very happy with her results!
17 pound weight loss example
Teri lost 17 pounds in 30 days!

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