woman with beautiful brown hair

When you know you know!

Two words – Hair Growth. The ironic thing for me was that it never dawned on me I had an issue with this, LOL, but as I look back at photos 1-5+ years ago they all show the same receding hair line… what? The funny thing about it as I realized it was there after it was already filling in, about 60 days after starting the Biocell. Conveniently I have about 300 yoga videos from our live streaming since the start of the pandemic. Nearly every class I was positioned the same way to see the improvement. Naturally I think we are all skeptics at heart, LOL, but as time moves forward, my hair continues to improve. Since a child and even born I always had a lot of hair however it was and is fine. If you notice any hair loss, I highly recommend giving this a try and please send me your feedback. Give it 60 days, take photos and take consistently, 2T a day, one on the morning and one at night, every day and see how it goes for you! 

kathy hair growth example in yoga

Image above: Far right is pre-product, middle is at about 60 days and the first photo is about 8 months, it has and continues to be completely filled in.

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