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Joint improvement testimonials from Users of Modere Products

Shoulder Pain Relief

It started with my husband….He recently asked me, “No, don’t you remember? I had chronic shoulder pain for years, it seemed to be seasonal, it came, it went, but it was bad.” I vaguely remembered that I often prescribed him with a couple of various yoga poses to try to help. Most of the time it did, but it took consistent, daily exercises and then yep, it would come back. He started taking the liquid collagen, this one, the multi-patented, Liquid Biocell, by Modere, 11/27/21, like I did, twice a day, sometimes missing a dose. But for the most part he took it daily – we even packed it to go on a trip to Hawaii – and that is where and when he realized his pain was gone, entirely. It was end of January 2021 and my husband was doing endless pushups and realized he felt great, no more pain… the only change was the Biocell – and the pain has still not returned nearly a year later!!! What kind of joint pain did he have? Shoulder pain to where he could not lift his arm up without being in a lot of discomfort. Sometimes the pain was so intense that he could not raise his arm up completely at all. 

Knee Pain Relief

Another good friend of mine had severe knee pain. By the end of each work day, her knees would hurt. After about 30 days of taking Liquid Biocell she started to realize their wasn’t much discomfort anymore, and by about 5 months, she was sitting comfortably in crossed legged position on the floor pain-free. While the company is not to make medical claims, I personally have dozens of friends that have been relieved of discomfort that they may have been carrying for many years and now it’s gone.

Why would this be, you might ask? From research and trainings I’ve learned that while the collagen and HA will also be great for the joints, the chondroitin sulfate is one of the key ingredients specifically for the joints. The matrix contains all three, and that is why it can’t be compared to any other collagen on the market, liquid or powder. The blend of the 3 ingredients that make up the matrix and mirrors the same percentages of what our body produced when we were born yet begins to lose at about age 25 years old. So, in essence we are giving ourselves a “fill-up” using this product and the body accepts it as the collagen source is type II. AND we even have a specific source that is also patented (small piece of chicken sternal cartilage) that also emulates what our body makes. It ingests at 93%++ and is molecularly bioavailable. The bottom line is that people see results, feel better, have improved joint health, gut health and the list goes on. 

Finger Joint Pain Relief

My most recent example was from my hair stylist who had joint pain in her thumb (repetitive movement with her long career) – at the 30 day mark she realized the pain was gone, entirely. Most commonly I hear people say “all of a sudden I realized” and this seems to be the same for most, a realization that something they have been living with for many years is now gone. They themselves have a bit of disbelief and like a form of trauma, they keep waiting for it to return. Everyone, hands down, feels the cost of product monthly is worth feeling great.

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Suffering from moderate to severe discomfort? Always make sure you have seen a physician. Send me your feedback if you give this a try at kathy@studiorincon.com, to purchase, make sure to use my link or code 7960263;

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